I was born on the 11th of April 1997 by caesarean section.  My Mummy thought I was the perfect little baby as I was so quiet at first. Then on my third day of living in this big world thing, I found my lungs. The Paediatrician suggested that I have a genetic test done due to my receding chin as he thought that it is a common trait for a chromosomal disorder. Neither Mummy or Daddy were carriers of a translocated gene. All other tests that were done on all newborn babies showed that I was a healthy baby.






When I was 7 months we went to this big place that had lots of lovely people called doctors. I think it was called a hospital. A man called a genetic counsellor spoke to Mummy and told her that they have figured out exactly what was different about me. The doctor explained that I have a very unique chromosomal disorder called Trisomy 9p. He drew the diagram below to explain what had happened to me at conception.

Each chromosome is divided into two sections called a "p" arm and a "q" arm. The "p" is the top arm and the "q" is the bottom arm. If you have a look on my number 9 chromosomes, I have a 'mirror' image of the "p" region and a little bit of the "q"' region on my right 9th chromosome. I also have the "q" section of my Y chromosome deleted completely.

The counsellor couldn't really say much with what my future would be like. He hadn't come across another patient with Trisomy 9p before. All she knew was that I did not have any internal defects. He did say that it could affect my mental abilities and I may be sterile because of the Y chromosome deletion.
























7 Months


Mummy breast fed me for seven months, though I was still very hungry after each feed. She went to see a speech therapist to help me with breastfeeding. During this time though I was an unhappy little boy and was not gaining weight very quickly. While I was awake, all I seemed to do was grizzle. I had no interest in using a bottle with expressed breast milk. One day my Mummy decided to try me with formula milk just in case I had to be babysat. To her and my surprise, I took to the baby bottle very easily and seemed to guzzle the formula quickly. From this point onwards I was fed formula and my weight increased dramatically. Mummy also said that I became a very happy boy.

























15 Months


In July 1998 I began to attempt crawling and I do it rather awkwardly but at least I can move around and get toys. It is called Commando crawling apparently. People now wave to me and I respond by lifting my arms. The doctor said a have a lot of fluid in my inner ear so grommets were put in both ears and they seemed to have improved my hearing. I have eyes that are a short sighted and an astigmatism so I now where some gorgeous Paddington Bear glasses. I also have a splint on my right leg to straighten up my foot, as I have feet opposite to club foot. Mummy says that I am a very happy boy and I have a cute laugh too. If my older brother Matthew is being tickled and laughing loudly, I will look over to see what the commotion is about and 'squeal' with delight, as I thinks it's quite funny too.




























16 Months


Hey everyone!!!!.....I am starting to vocalize now that I can hear better. On the 11th of August I said "da", the next day "hay-oh" (about 3 times) after Mummy said 'hello. Then I was also saying "dada" and "mama". Mummy knows I am trying to speak to her, but most of the time it comes out as "ahhhhh", otherwise I blow raspberries and laugh a bit more.