Updated April 2007







All information on the survey is not professional and should not be taken as medical information. While all care has been taken, the information contained in this survey is not written by a medical professional and as such should not replace the valuable and personal information of your own health care professionals.




This survey was done for interest reasons by a mother who has a child with Trisomy 9p. It will be an on going project and will occasionally be updated. You will find that some of the answers may not be applicable to your child now, though when the child was younger it was. In this situation, I have labeled the answer as "yes". The idea of this survey is to see what things are a common factor with our Trisomic children. So if your child, used to suffer constipation badly and does not now as a teenager, I would put a "yes". For confidentiality reasons, the names of the children have been removed, and replaced with a number which all parents are informed of. If you are interested in looking at a particular child or finding out the name of one, I am happy to e-mail your letter straight to the family, so they can reply.

Please feel free to have a browse and if you have any questions, would be interested in adding your child to the survey, or you wish to have a copy of the excel version e-mailed to you, please write to Mandy at



There is a summary of the results for those of you who'd rather look at a smaller web page. It is arranged so that the highest percentage of an attribute is at the top and the lowest at the bottom.

Attention families on survey:

If any information on the survey is incorrect or needs alternating, please inform Mandy at the above address. Some answers have not been filled in as I did not get a response to the question. I will be more than happy to fill the spaces if you could please give me the details. If anyone is upset or offended with anything please also inform me and I will immediately remove your child. To make life easier, I have adjusted the answers as much as possible to be either "yes" or "no". I hope that everyone is happy with the results and learns something more about the Trisomy roller coaster.






If you would like to download the

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